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immersedwalls said: giorgia what do you use to keep your skin so healthy and flawless?

I don’t really do much, I do try to stay away from food with too much (bad) fat. Drinking lots of water does amazing things to the face too, I have a sensitive skin type. I do basic moisturizing, but I also use products with some sunscreen content to them, I also deep cleanse my face once in a while. I use cleaners who are specially designed for people with sensitive/thin/delicate skin as myself. I almost never wear makeup except for lipstick and sometimes mascara, but If I have a shoot or something, I only use powder products my skin doesn’t work well with liquid foundation.

smhimo said: Sei tanto bella, ti seguo da anni, mi fai impazzire. You are so perfect.

You are so sweet thankyou <3 <3 Sei Bella cosi :)